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AndroPlus VS Androgel


Both AndroPlus and Androgel contain the clinically proven hormone testosterone for improving libido, muscle mass, energy, and drive. But there are some major differences between the two hormone treatment solutions. How can you decide which is the best testosterone solution for you? Read on and find out.

Androgel Is More Expensive

Androgel costs around 400/month for one gel pump. But it’s not just a big hit on your pocketbook! That figure doesn’t include costs for: – Doctor’s visits – Specialist visits – Blood tests – Insurance claims – Your time spent going to all those doctor’s appointments!

That’s more headaches than most of us care to deal with.

AndroPlus is a first of it’s kind testosterone cream available without a prescription for any man whose testosterone is not as high as he wants. AndroPlus is available for around $2/day for continuing use. A tube of 5% testosterone AndroPlus costs $99 and will last for 50 days of daily use. That means more time for the activities you love, less headaches running around, and the ease of simple, discreet shipping directly to your door.

Androgel Is Less Effective

Androgel users often complain about the product growing less effective over time. Many men report repeatedly increasing their dosage over time to get back the same feelings they used to have.

AndroPlus is a 5% cream, the strongest available, which means you can use less product and save money, with the same great benefits of real testosterone.

Androgel Is Hard To Get

Androgel is only available by prescription, which can be hard to obtain. Many doctors actually refuse to prescribe testosterone to men who would benefit from it, simply because their blood tests don’t reveal how bad they actually feel.

AndroPlus is available with no prescription, and is available for men only. AndroPlus ships worldwide daily.

How Is It Delivered?

Androgel is available as a testosterone gel for application to the arms and legs. Due to it’s gel nature, it absorbs slowly, and the Androgel makers recommend not being around kids or wives after applying the gel.

AndroPlus was formulated to give faster absorption through a testosterone cream base that more effectively delivers testosterone into your body.

Which is best for you?

If you decide you’re ready to join hundreds of men safely increasing their testosterone through AndroPlusclick here to get started or read some reviews of other AndroPlus users and raise your testosterone the right way.