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Why Your Testosterone Is Lower Than Your Grandfather’s

Today’s modern world is not testosterone friendly.

Testosterone levels have plummeted in recent years. And it isn’t just that you’re getting older.

Scientists have recently shown a previously unknown society-wide decline in testosterone levels across the board. Testosterone has dropped precipitously from its levels just 100 years ago, and it has nothing to do with normal aging.

The modern average testosterone level is about 400 ng/dL.

The historical average is closer to 700 ng/dL.

So what is the problem?

There are many issues facing today’s modern man, but declining testosterone levels are one of the most dire. That’s because testosterone is a critical hormone affecting many aspects of a man’s life. Most people think of a sex-hormone as only affecting libido, but testosterone has numerous effects in a body, including:

  • Building strong bones
  • Warding off depression
  • Maintaining a healthy heart
  • Building and repairing muscle tissue
  • Preventing cognitive decline

It’s safe to say that your testosterone levels influence for better or worse, virtually every aspect of your life.

Several long-term studies have shown significant declines in serum testosterone levels on a general basis. For example, a 60-year-old man in 1980 had higher levels of testosterone than a 60-year-old man in 2000.

Men just two decades ago had 20% MORE TESTOSTERONE that a man today of the same age!

The Landmark Study

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study measured 1,532 men from 1987 – 2004. It evaluated levels of serum testosterone of randomly chosen men, as well as asking them about their lifestyles, including exercise habits, BMI, and smoking and alcohol consumption.

Led by Dr. TG Travison, the researchers discovered that the observed secular decline in serum testosterone levels was not caused by changing levels of smoking or obesity, which are common culprits in low testosterone.

Although increasing adiposity and medication use were common, they did not fully explain the lower observed levels in modern men.

Dr. Shalender Bhasin from the Boston University School of Medicine suggested there may be other causes, such as:

  • Increased use of tight-fitting underwear
  • Higher room temperatures in homes and offices (colder temperatures are associated with higher levels of testosterone, and are one of the reasons cold showers are such a good idea)
  • Decreased smoking (in the short term, smoking increases testosterone)
  • Decreased physical activity (adipose tissue increases the conversion of testosterone into estrogen).

But there are further factors that may lead to lower generational levels of testosterone:

Endocrine Disruptors

Widespread use of female birth control and SSRI antidepressants have led to high concentrations of these endocrine disruptors in the water supply due to flushed pills and incomplete absorption before urination.

The widespread use of plastics is also a serious problem. Plastics often contain mercury and other chemicals that mimic estrogen. The most widely known and disruptive of these is bisphenol-A (BPA).

Pesticides are a further issue. Even if you buy organic vegetables and fruits for your family, noxious pesticides still are in the air we breathe and the water we drink. There is no escaping the detrimental effects these have on the environment. No matter how you try to avoid them, they spread.

These chemicals often mimic the estrogens your body naturally produces. But there are two key differences:

  • They stick around much longer (because our bodies have a hard time getting rid of these poisons).
  • They bind to estrogen receptors more strongly.

What this means is that all the effects of too much estrogen are multiplied, simply because of the environments we live in.

Sociological Discouragement

Modern men are under assault from the media as well.

Society is not a fan of masculinity. It actively discourages normal masculine behavior by showing men in the media as fools, buffoons, and wimps. Men are frightened to talk to women for fear of being pegged as “creepy”, or getting stuck with a sexual harassment charge.

Subconsciously, our body gets these messages, and so our endocrine system modulates to decrease our natural testosterone production, and thus our drive to produce, conquer, and slay.

Reclaim your birthright

Because testosterone is modulated based on our environment, it responds to challenges and cues that we receive all the time. So if you live in an environment that discourages testosterone production, your body will respond in exactly that way. That means that your body is not living up to it’s potential and you will miss out on the beneficial effects of high testosterone that our ancestors enjoyed. Things like:

  • A stronger, more athletic body
  • A more dominant, powerful attitude
  • High levels of energy for work and play
  • High sexual desire and performance
  • Increased earning potential
  • A more positive attitude

And that means that you’re not enjoying the quality of life that you could be. You’re missing out on all the adventures you could be having as a world-conquering go-getter.

If there was one simple thing you could do to impact ALL of these life areas, would it be worth it?

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