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Your Doctor May Be Lying To You…And He Doesn’t Even Know It!

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Your Doctor May Be Lying To You…And He Doesn’t Even Know It!
Even if you hit the gym, lift weights, and have the love of a good woman, you have noticed your energy levels declining from year to year. It has become difficult to get a good night’s sleep. It’s harder to perform at the office.

Even with the normal decline of aging, there seems to be something else going on.

Something insidious, something sinister.

Doctors will tell you you are normal…
The majority of men today are sitting with a testosterone level below 400 ng/dL. This is shockingly close to what many have considered the cutoff point for clinical hypogonadism at ~350 ng/dL.

Men of the past had an average closer to 700 ng/dL!

The problem with many of the scales and “reference ranges” given for testosterone is that they don’t tell you what a healthy testosterone level is for your age. Instead, they compare men of all ages and health conditions to come up with a definition for low testosterone.

Especially if you are a younger man, this could mean that your levels match that of an 80-year-old with diabetes…and your doctor would STILL tell you that your levels are within the “normal” range!

Think of your grandfather, baling hay out in the bright sunshine. Wrestling bears, playing with the kids all afternoon, and still having plenty of energy to entertain guests in the evening.

Your grandfather was the pinnacle of masculinity. Roguish good looks, a strong, firm hand, the adulation of men and women alike.

Can you imagine such a man in the modern world?

He certainly didn’t have to deal with an overwhelming abundance of plastic, poor quality food, and sociological damnation of his contributions to society.

And his testosterone levels were higher too.

Find out more about how you can fix your body, increase your testosterone, and be the masculine man your grandfather was.