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    Increase Energy and Focus

    Send fatigue packing. Your all-day energy will turn your to-dos, into to-dones.

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    Boost Sex Drive

    Raise your libido through the roof. You won't need viagra to get going.

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    Build Strong Muscle

    Bring vigor back to your workouts and make gains again, all while dropping fat.

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    Improve Your Health

    Live longer, and happier. Healthy testosterone is critical to good sleep, positive mood, and heart health.

How men over 30 can feel years younger, and enjoy “teenager” sex drive, a leaner body, and massive increases in energy…without seeing a doctor!

High Testosterone Man

Dear friend,

What if there was a way to turn back the clock…and experience all the great stamina and drive of a younger you, with all the wisdom and skills you have now?

What if I told you looking and feeling younger could be done in under 30 seconds, requiring NO doctor visits, NO worrying about insurance, and NO need to mess with needles, dangerous drugs, or expensive medications?

And what if I told you that for majority of guys, this solution can skyrocket your sex drive, raise your energy to superhuman levels, and shed pounds off your body within weeks?

The story begins with my father.

The Strangest Secret I Couldn’t Tell My Father…Until It Was Too Late!

My father spent years struggling with belly fat and low sex drive,…even when he

  • Had a healthy diet of home-cooked vegetables and lean meat
  • Spent every day doing vigorous walking and gardening
  • Never smoked, and
  • Had a rich social life filled with lots of activity

The fact is… His testosterone levels were low, and we didn’t know why!

Could it be the constant exposure to plastics in canned food, water bottles and containers?

Could it be the pesticides and estrogen in the water supply from hormonal birth control? (The kind that water treatment facilities CAN’T scrub out?)

Could it be from living an environment hostile to the kind of masculine, go-getter lifestyle our grandparents and great-grandparents lived…just to survive?

Recent evidence from leading endocrine researchers such as Dr. Thomas G. Travison from Boston University, tells us that our modern environment is poisoning our testosterone levels.

These changes are decimating our ability to produce testosterone like our ancestors did.

And according to a recent Massachussetts study… 38.7% percent of guys who otherwise feel fine are walking around with low testosterone.

And it doesn’t just affect sex drive and energy levels, the variety of low testosterone symptoms can lead to…

  • Increased irritability
  • Depressed mood
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Sleep disturbance and insomnia
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Weak erections and orgasms

What’s more, low levels of testosterone can even lead to life-threatening illnesses such as renal disease, COPD, Infertility, Osteoporosis, and Type 2 diabetes!

If you had heart problems, wouldn’t you fix them?

If you have diabetes, don’t you take care of it?

I’m not sure WHAT exactly is poisoning our testosterone levels (though we have some clues), but what I do know is that if my father were still alive…

He would have had a VASTLY better life if he started taking care of his testosterone earlier.

With Androplus, so can you.

My father had had low energy and fatigue for years before we saw what was the real problem. He missed out on golf games, walks with his German Shepherd, and spending time with me, all because he didn’t have enough testosterone to get through the day.

He continued to suffer low energy and need naps in the afternoon, even when he ate a healthy diet of steamed vegetables from farmer’s markets and lean cuts of meat. He also walked several miles every morning to get his heart rate up, got plenty of sunshine, and stayed stress-free, even sleeping 8 hours a night.

So why were his energy levels and sex drive like that of a man 30 years older than him?

Though it was an awkward conversation, he also shared with me the difficulties he had getting an erection with his girlfriend. He had tried Viagra, Cialis, etc. But the problem is if you can’t get hard, it’s hard to feel like a man.

Imagine the shame he felt at being with a lovely woman and being unable to show how much he cared for her.

At the time I didn’t know how to help him. Like you, I bought into the lie that erection pills were a long-term solution to something that had a much deeper cause.

Because even if you use those pills, all they do is increase blood-flow. They can’t increase sex drive or libido. They can’t tweak the psychological triggers that send you from a dull-haze on a Sunday afternoon to a wild romp in the sack with your wife or lover.

And what’s more, they may even contribute to heart troubles.

The truth is, at the time I had no idea about how our hormones affect everything in our lives, from when we sleep, to how much energy we have, to how our moods are day-to-day.

And if I had, I would have told him to get his testosterone checked, and start taking care of his testosterone levels..

Testosterone Problems

Because for the longest time, i felt the exact same way:

  • Shame at being unable to connect sexually with my wife
  • Embarrassed at my rapidly expanding belly
  • Frustrated by my lack of energy

But the quality of life that I’ve experienced after taking testosterone: from low energy, barely-there sex drive, to full of life and sexually strong has been like somebody finally hit the ignition on my body!

In fact, it’s made such a difference that I’ve begun to notice those same symptoms in almost half the guys I meet!

And it’s not just me noticing it.

Do You Ever Feel Like:

  • You have a hard time getting aroused, even when your wife or girlfriend is in sexy lingerie, BEGGING you to get hard?
  • You suffer from low energy and try to “cover it up” with coffee in the morning and energy drinks in the afternoon?
  • You go to the gym but dont get any stronger, and if anything your belly continues to balloon?
  • You have trouble staying fit, even if you exercise and eat a clean diet?

It’s not uncommon.

Many Guys Even Have The Energy Levels Of 80-Year-Old Men!

In a “normal” male, testosterone declines year-after-year by 1% after the age of 30. But that doesn’t account for some “strange” effects that researchers have recently showed.

It turns out that a modern male has 63% LOWER testosterone levels than that of his grandfather of the same age…and it’s only getting worse.

Indeed, in a study of 3,271 Finnish men, men born from 1913-1922 had 63% higher testosterone levels at age 60 than men born from 1942-1951! Which means we’ve got 63% LOWER testosterone than our parents and grandparents!

This is a real growing problem, that if not addressed is going to leave us a nation of man-boobed, slack-jawed, kowtowing weaklings!

So no matter WHAT you do, your testosterone levels are almost guaranteed to be BELOW normal levels, which can cause all kinds of complications beyond low energy and sex drive.

How Often Have You Felt That You Aren’t Quite The Man On The Outside…That You Are On The Inside.

You feel like, “If only I had a little more energy, I could really live the life I deserve.”

Well my friends, the truth is out. There is NO such thing as a true “fountain of youth”. But there is something better!

If you’re sick of being told that feeling low energy, low sex drive, and gaining weight is a “normal part of aging”, this may be the most important news you will hear.

Because scientists have discovered that a man’s health, (physical, emotional, and sexual), is affected by the levels of testosterone in his body.

And for almost all men over 30, these levels are under ATTACK.

According to a massive review of 1,532 men conducted over 20 years by Doctor Thomas G. Travison and associates (a leading endocrine researcher from Boston University), our male hormone levels have been declining over time faster than is normal. It’s NOT natural. It’s NOT avoidable. And it’s NOT making us the strong virile men we want to be.

With AndroPlus you can have a solution, and it would cost you less than $2.00 / day.

  • Massive increases in sex drive (Your partner will be begging for more!)
  • “Superman Stamina” in the gym…and in the bedroom
  • “Teenager” erections around the clock (that might get you a little too much attention!)
  • Mountains of Energy to burn through every challenge
  • Killer orgasms with your partner (As many as you want!)
  • A “Go-getter” attitude that pays dollar and cents at work
  • Improved sperm motility and quality (if you’re trying to have kids, this is huge!)
  • More focus and ambition to accomplish your goals
  • Improved memory and cognition (Never forget a name again!
  • A “Pheromone Glow” that attracts women like flies to honey!
  • Increased assertiveness – Get What YOU want in every negotiation
  • Faster times when you go cycling or running (Drop those young guns by the side of the road!)
  • Sleep better, with less difficulty falling asleep (no more tossing and turning!)
  • Rock-solid confidence to attack any problem life throws at you.
  • Enhanced focus – finish your tasks with ease
  • A truly masculine presence that exudes confidence and pride!

So How Can I Get It?

AndroPlus Testosterone Cream

After searching the web over and over for a source of testosterone that was legitimate, reliable, and didn’t require painful injections, we were finally forced to create our own solution, AndroPlus testosterone cream.

It is simply applied to the forearms, chest, or legs, that delivers a small dose of testosterone through your skin. It absorbs quickly and effectively, with little odor or stickiness of other creams and gels.

It comes in a 50 mL tube, and is easily applied to any area of the skin.

When you take 30 seconds to apply AndroPlus each morning:

  • In hours, you’ll notice a positive difference in your mood, and in your desire to “get busy.”

  • In a few days, you’ll notice sustained, high energy. Perfect to get all your to-dos like cleaning the gutters, repairing the lawnmower, or going for a jog. You’ll also notice an improved mood, feeling positive energy all day. And you’ll be waking up with morning wood almost every day!

  • In weeks, you’ll notice lower body fat, and improved muscle tone. You’ll be wanting to exercise a lot, and have the energy for it. You may even start to notice extra attention from women when you walk around!

AndroPlus has already helped hundreds of men raise their testosterone and finally feel strong and virile again.

And AndroPlus Actually Works

Healthy Man Raking Leaves

In contrast to “testosterone boosters”, AndroPlus is real-deal testosterone shipped directly to you at a low cost. Thousands of peer-reviewed research studies on topical testosterone and hundreds of our own satisfied customers already have proven it.

In fact, majority of our customers re-order more, because they love the feeling and RESULTS they get from AndroPlus.

We’re so sure you’ll love it that AndroPlus has a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason at all, you decide it isn’t for you, let us know, and we’ll refund your money right away.

You have nothing to lose by ordering today, except more of the life you want.

Get ready to start living. Get AndroPlus, and let everyone see the man you are inside.


I often have “low battery”...

...from chronic stomache inflammation, and it can really throw off my libido. I had a date with my girlfriend last night and there was NO WAY I was getting hard. Luckily, I remembered I still had some testosterone left. I put on a dab before she arrived, and WOW! What a night! I think she’s still tired from the “workout” we had!

I’ve struggled with my libido...

...for awhile now, and let me tell you, it’s one of the most stressful things I can imagine.

And when a pretty girl walked by? It didn’t even REGISTER.

Now that’s a problem.

Bottom line is, I was tired all the time, with no energy for activities, and my d*** didn’t work! Not a good situation at all!

When one of my friends told me about AndroPlus…I ordered some,… 2 weeks later I tried it out for the first time…and WHOOF! That is some good stuff.

I tried several...

...of those “test boosters” but they didn’t do anything except make me dizzy and my wallet lighter. AndroPlus works, and I’m happywith it."

I’m a nurse, and I noticed my husband wasn’t “with it”... he used to be. He would get frustrated by the smallest things, and occassionally in a “depressed mood” (even though he has NO history of depression!)

I didn’t want to put him on a ton of drugs just to fix some underlying conditions. AndroPlus simply works for us.

Remember, AndroPlus Is:

  • Effective (Unlike testosterone boosters that promise the world, ours actually works)
  • Affordable (Under $2.00 a day to start on your path to solving your problems)
  • Risk-free (Try it and if for any reason it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your whole purchase price)
  • Tested To Work (Hundreds of men have already tried AndroPlus and there response is “this stuff is awesome!”)

The Results-Proven Way To Get Your Youthful Life Back


You could spend a fortune on hospital bills and wasted years…

…wondering what could have been. You could be missing out on romance with your wife or girlfriend. Missing out on games with your children, and missing out on fishing weekends, football games, and motorcycle rides because you “don’t have the stamina”.

You COULD go to your doctor and ask for help

When he can’t do anything, he’ll refer you to an endocrinologist. And he’ll run some blood tests. And depending on if you make the cutoff value…he’ll just tell you there’s nothing wrong, and to go home and deal with it!

You’ll only get the treatment you need, if your life is already so bad you’re shambling around like an 80-year old man!

And even if he does approve you, welcome to weekly doctor’s visits to get stuck with a big, painful needle in your rear, each time racking up $200-500 a month bills.

And even then, you’ll still have a YO-YO effect where your testosterone spikes after the injection, and then falls down to below-normal levels before the doc “approves” you for another dose.

You could spend hundreds of dollars and hours of time on various herbs and remedies, none of which are guaranteed to work.

All wasting your time, and emptying out your wallet.

Or you could simply, in your own home, take 30 seconds every morning to regain momentum in your life.

The choice is yours.

I don’t know about you, but when I have problem, I solve them. I dont’ let people tell me it can’t be done, ESPECIALLY in matters of health.

That’s why I worked with my team to develop the best solution to long-term testosterone treatment. A simple, effective cream that absorbs quickly, applies easily, and keeps my testosterone steady day-after-day so I’m always feeling my best.

AndroPlus is backed by a 30-day guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the results you see, the tube is on us. Simply send us an email, and we’ll promptly refund you.

Get proven results to fix your testosterone problem today. Order AndroPlus now.


Noah Saenger

P.S. This is your health – the most important thing in your life. Do you want to watch yourself slow down after the years and moan about how your back hurts and you can’t do the things you used to be able to do?

Or do you want to take charge – the man that you are – and change your life for the better.

Click to order AndroPlus testosterone cream now.


Will this product help me lose weight?

AndroPlus is an excellent weight loss tool when combined with exercise and a healthy diet. When you’re overweight, your body actually sends extra signals to convert testosterone into estrogen. That means that when you’re overweight, it’s like your body is giving you birth control pills… every day!

Not good, if you’re a man.

When you use AndroPlus, not only are you increasing your testosterone levels to combat the extra estrogen in your body, you’ll actually have more energy and desire to exercise. You’ll actually look forward to working out all the time, because you’ll have so much energy to burn!

Is this a steroid? I’m worried about aggression

Although technically a “steroid”, testosterone is the same hormone you naturally produce every day. Most bodybuilders actually prefer more dangerous “designer drugs” to help them bulk up.

And studies have shown that men with low testosterone are the ones that actually are more moody. With high testosterone you will feel calm, in control, and potent.

Are there any side effects?

The side effect profile of testosterone is quite small given the immense benefits of using it. So far, science has shown that a small percentage of men may develop polycthemia (a thickening of the blood), benign prostate hypertrophy, or water retention.

How much should I use?

Our standard starting dosage is 1 mL of cream (about the size of a green pea), which is 50 mg of testosterone per day.

When should I apply AndroPlus?

It’s best to apply AndroPlus in the morning, after a shower. Absorption is fast, under 30 minutes, so you can be on your way in a hurry.

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